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Stop Worrying About Your Marketing Content–Just Hire a Professional Copywriter and Hit the Gym!


You know that empowered feeling you get right after an hour of exercise? That’s how you feel when you no longer have worry about what’s sitting at the bottom of your marketing writing to-do list.

Maybe your list includes updating your outdated web page, writing a new blog post on the economy, or spicing up your social media bio. Maybe you know you need to promote your firm in a niche publication–through public speaking — or even through a downloadable white paper.

It’s time to stop worrying about all the writing you haven’t started doing–and start selling yourself–with a professional copywriter!

In a 20-minute conversation, I can help you identify your most pressing marketing needs, and lay out a timeframe to get the word work done efficiently–and affordably.

There’s usually a reason things fall to the bottom of our to-do lists: either we stink at doing it, or we’re facing some kind of mental roadblock or other complexity.

My clients don’t stink at writing. Most write reasonably well if not very well–but would rather be spending their time meeting with clients, having lunch with prospects or analyzing portfolios. It’s definitely not the best use of their time to be agonizing over words, paragraphs and syntax–and wondering whether they’re being too wordy in getting their point across.

(Who wants to repeat college English and have to write term papers all over again?)

But that IS my job!

As a practicing business journalist for more than two decades, I sweat the details of your writing assignment. I’m your personal essay writer. I ask the right questions to understand your unique selling point —and then write persuasive, flawless copy — in your voice — on deadline, to promote your services. (They didn’t let you do this in college! But you can now! It’s perfectly legal!)

But in case it’s not obvious, you don’t just want any writer–or any college English major off the street!

You want a copywriter who has the right writing experience for your business. The writer you hire should understand your industry thoroughly so they’re able to persuasively communicate the expertise you wish to showcase.

Ideally, your writer should know your market — like the back of her keyboard!

Before launching my own copywriting business, Selling Point Media, in 2010, I covered the financial services industry for 15 years, writing for several top trade journals and online publications including Bank Investment Rep, Registered Rep, and Horsesmouth. I currently write two weekly columns on marketing and practice management at RIA Central. Over the years I’ve interviewed dozens of financial professionals and written hundreds of how-to pieces on everything from niche marketing to technology.

I speak the language of financial services–and moreover, as a client of a niche financial advisor–I know what your clients need to hear. I believe in financial advice–and understand the competitive threats facing financial services professionals. You’re competing with everything from robo-advisors to the insurance agent down the street.

You need a copywriter who gets what you face in promoting your business–including all the compliance hurdles and technological complexity of financial services today.

My clients include financial professionals, asset managers, niche business coaches and public relations firms. In my seven years as a professional copywriter, I’ve ghostwritten dozens of articles to promote financial advisors and financial services firms. My individual advisor clients have had articles appear in publications such as Medical Economics, Dentistry IQ, and other financial and niche websites.

Whether you need blog posts, articles, web copy, case studies, press releases, white papers, print ads, podcast scripts or anything else involving writing and editing, I’m committed to helping you grow your advisory practice one page at a time.

Call for an estimate on your marketing project today!